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Church Membership and Spiritual Growth

“Not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near” Heb. 10:25

Unless there is a healthy church where new converts go to, be accountable, learn the word of God, and grow in God’s grace, no matter how many times they accept the invitation to receive Jesus as their personal savior, the chance of getting back to their old lifestyle is high.

Evangelists are responsible for preaching the gospel to unbelievers and making sure that new converts go to a healthy church.

The problem nowadays is that people are thinking of churches as religious centers. They do not believe that God has a program to nurture, discipline, and grow disciples in the church. The abuse in many churches, together with online platforms making church program accessible to people in their homes, have caused many people to stay away from going to church. For this reason, some people try to focus on winning the lost, and they get many converts, but the converts do not become rooted in their faith because there is no effort done to assign the converts to a healthy church.

We need to understand that discipleship is as much crucial as winning souls. It is much more important than winning souls because the main reason we win souls is to make them disciples, and that’s what takes much effort. It’s not right to leave the responsibility to a baby Christian and God and never feel responsible for taking care of them. Evangelizing to a lost person and not disciplining them is like giving a homeless person money and thinking that it will solve his problems. God made churches to disciple and grow people. If someone gives birth to a baby and the next day leaves the baby to take care of himself, would we not say that person is crazy? Sadly, that’s what’s happening nowadays among Christians. If winning souls is our only goal and we make no provision to see that these souls go to a healthy church, we have not evangelized! What we have done is much worse. It would have been better if we had not evangelized because we are leading the new convert to a dangerous road of destruction, and the person may backslide or join a false church, and we may never get the chance of getting that person back.

It’s a shame to see people talk so much about Christ and evangelism, and then when it comes to going to church, they begin to find all kinds of excuses to run away from it. In America alone, Muslims are growing and buying churches that are dying and turning them into mosques. A country that calls itself secularism and Islam are slowly taking over a Christian nation because Christians don’t want anything to do with churches. We need to know that if there is anyone that makes Christianity not grow, it’s ourselves. There is no church, there is no discipleship, and where there is no discipleship, we should not even think of a Christian nation. Just because few people write all over Facebook about Jesus does not make a country a Christian nation. No one can become a disciple on Facebook. It takes accountability and real fellowship to become a true disciple! Jesus did not find his disciples on Facebook. He went to where they were and looked for them, and he trained them for three and half years one to one.

Evangelism and church building have never been separate in the Bible. Where there was evangelism, there was always church planting because the apostles understood that no matter how many miracles the converts saw, they need to be planted in a church to grow in the knowledge of Christ to become a real disciple. When people make themselves their authority and despise the authority Christ gave to the leaders of the church, then no one can grow! If we want to revival and to see people converted for real, then we need to acknowledge the importance of church membership according to the word of God. There is no true revival without church membership! All these people claiming to have a revival going from church to church looking for miracles is not a revival, but a disaster. There is no way a small baby can grow without being taken care of by an adult. Sadly, what’s happening nowadays is people are asking to give babies the freedom to take care of themselves. With what we hear today, I don’t find it surprising if we see new converts trying to become a pastor the next day. Trying to skip church to grow spiritually is not possible. It’s called unhealthy growth, and that’s a disaster.

The body of Christ is one body, and evangelists, pastors, apostles, prophets, and teachers must work together to see the kingdom of God expanding. Otherwise, if we divide, we will lose many souls, and the end may be much worse than the beginning. Therefore, we need to evangelize and bring converts to a healthy church to meet together and worship the Lord to experience genuine spiritual growth.

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Why There is No Revival in America

One of the reasons why there seems to be no revival in America is because there is so much competition among Christians. It is not that there are no anointed people, it’s just that we have hard time accepting the gift God has given them and spend most of our time either criticizing them, ignoring them, or trying our best to minimize what God has given them so that others may not become a beneficiary of the gift of God.

When everyone is running for their own success, there is no way we can appreciate the gift God has given to others. God has given each Christian a unique gift to help build up the body of Christ. If we see the gift of God in their lives, it’s our responsibility to help them grow in the gift God has given them. What we have to understand is that we can never have the gift that God has given others. Everyone is better at something they do. That’s the reason why we need to accept the fact that others are better than us, because we cannot do what God has assigned others to do.

If every Christian would be humble to think of others better than themselves and become hungry to receive from others then revival would come! Rather than look for anointed people from another continent, if we would respect the gift that God had given to our neighbor we would see revival! The reason why we look for anointed servant of God from another continent is because we don’t want to appreciate the people God has given us. People are prone to look down on people they are familiar with. Even the people whom we look up to outside our circle, once they join our circle, our respect and honor begins to dwindle because we now have access to them.

God has no program of anointing people of certain continents. He works according to His Word and He has given everyone gifts to build up the body of Christ wherever continent they may be. The problem is that there are many who have not stirred up the gift of God in their lives because everyone is looking for their own interest. If we can encourage one another and respect the gift that God has given to each individual, then the gift of God would be stirred up in everyone.

Therefore, the key to see revival is to see beyond ourselves. If we can be humble enough to see God in someone else’s life, not just want others to see God in us, everyone’s gift would be stirred up. There can never be supply if there is no demand. And demand requires that we be in need, and that requires humility. That requires knowing that we need each other to grow in God. Whenever there is a demand, a hunger for a greater depth in God, God will send the supply. He will raise up men and women of God to meet that demand. We don’t always find God in prayer only. We find God in one another’s gift! That’s the reason why love is the best way of exercising the gifts of the Spirit.

“You must not do only the things that you want. You should not do anything only for the reason that it makes you seem more important than other people. Instead, always think about what other people need. Do not think that you are better than other people. But think about other people as better than you. Do not think only about the things that are important to you yourself. But each of you should think also about the things that are important to other people. You should think in the same way as Christ Jesus thought:”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭2:3-5‬ ‭EASY‬‬