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The Holy Spirit 

The Holy Spirit is the omnipotence, omniscience,  and omnipresence of God.

Through Christ we have access to the Father by one Spirit. In other words,  the Holy Spirit is the means by whom we are introduced to Christ.

The Spirit makes it possible for us to know Christ so that we can have intimate relationship with the Father through His Son.  Without the Spirit,  we cannot know the Son or the Father.

The Spirit reveals to us the Son. The Scriptures, which are inspired by the Holy Spirit, talk about Jesus, the Christ. Therefore, the Scriptures reveal the very work of the Holy Spirit, to reveal the Son.

Since the beginning, the work of the Holy Spirit has been to reveal the Son.  The prophets spoke by the Holy Spirit the plan of salvation by the Father through the Son, the Messiah.

When we say the Word is Jesus Christ,  we mean the Word spoken by the prophets through the Spirit is Christ Jesus.  So when we say the Word became flesh we are saying that the Word, whom the prophets were speaking by the Holy Spirit,  or the promised Messiah  was now manifested in the flesh.

So we can conclude that the Bible is nothing but the revelation of the Son of God by the Holy Spirit through the divine will of the Father.

Therefore, every time we look to God’s Word, we are listening to the Holy Spirit.  When Jesus said, “my sheep will hear my voice” He was talking about the Word of God, as spoken by the Holy Spirit through the mouth of the prophets including Himself. It includes Jesus because Jesus, while on earth, was a teacher and a prophet who said that the words that He spoke were spirit and life.

We have fellowship with the Holy Spirit as we hear or pay attention to God’s word. Every time we meditate on the Word we are having fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit introduced us to the Son,  and we have fellowship with the Son when we become the doer of the word.  The Spirit convicts us of our sins,  but unless we repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, we do not have fellowship with the Son.

The Spirit will do whatever it takes for us to come to the Son.  He will strengthen us to know and understand the truth,  he convicts us through the law so that we are driven to Christ, and when we believe in Christ He dwells in us and assures us of our salvation by bringing peace,  joy,  and works in us through the word to increase our fellowship with the Son.  When we sin, He takes away his joy and peace so that we may know what it means to live without Christ.

If we have fellowship with the Holy Spirit and obey what He says,  we have fellowship with Jesus Christ and the Eternal Father.

So how do we know the Holy Spirit? Through the word.  The Spirit is still speaking through the word of God. In other words, He is still speaking to us through the prophets and apostles, whom God assigned to be the vessel of inspiration.

How can you have the Holy Spirit in you? Believe what He tells you.  If you believe in Jesus Christ and confess Him as Lord over your life, you are saved and the Spirit will dwell in you, not just to guide you, but also to transform you into the very image of the One whom you believed.

When the Spirit is in you,  you will experience change in your life.  You will begin to desire for Holy things, and you will get the power to live a life of love,  faithfulness,  joy, peace,  and self control.  Every sinful habit in your life will begin to break as you give yourself to the Holy Spirit completely because your mind is now controlled by the Spirit.

When you have completely yielded yourself to the Spirit for sanctification,  you will become the doer of the word and have fellowship with the Son. After that, the Spirit will give you the power to become witness to others since you have seen the power of Christ working in your life by the Holy Spirit.  However,  you cannot become a witness until you have truly witnessed change in your life and are walking continuously,in the Spirit, with the Lord.

The Spirit, as you learn to yield your self completely to Him,  will begin to endow you with power to work in you with signs and wonders following so that God will be glorified through you. As you have been under prophets and apostles, He will now mature you to a level where you can hear His voice and become an instrument through whom God will speak to His people.

If you have not known the Lord,  I encourage you today to start fellowship with the Holy Spirit by reading the Bible. I will tell you for sure that your life never be the same again!

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Why Faith is Necessary for Salvation 

Before we begin answering this question, we need to ask why it’s so hard for us to #trust in God?

We find it difficult to trust God because we are, by nature, self centered, egotistic, and depend on our knowledge and strength to acquire or to achieve anything in life.

However, since this leads to pride, which is source of all sins, God chose that we live by faith. We get all the blessings of God only through faith not works.

Here are a list of qualities that a man of faith has:

  • A man of faith is a man of humility, who has no will of his own, but totally depends on God for everything.
  • A man of faith knows that there is nothing he can do to please God, except to depend on Him for everything.
  • A man of faith centers his faith only on God, and not on his ability or strength.
  • A man of faith waits patiently for the Lord for everything, and never acts independently without God’s involvement.
  • A man of faith endures everything, giving thanks to God for everything.
  • A man of faith hears only God’s voice and follows only that voice.

It’s important to know that faith is the only way through which we please God. That means, God is only pleased when we know ourselves and yield to Him for strength and help always. For this reason, only those who believe are able to live in God’s Word, and inherit eternal life.

Do you believe? Are you a believer? God is not looking for a morally good person, but an honest person who is willing to admit that they are not perfect and need Jesus Christ to get them out of their ego, hatred, immorality, evil thoughts, bad habits, gossip, or any other thing contrary to a pure conscience. Turn your life over to Him today and you will have a brand new life free from condemnation.