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One of the ways in which satan tries to control our lives is through dreams. Just as God speaks to us through dreams, satan also tries to deceive us through dreams. One of the ways he tries to get us under his control is by showing us sensual dreams that appeal to the senses. The whole purpose of this is so that you may set your heart to pursue the pleasure you experienced in your dream and fall into shameful and destructive sins.

We may say that it’s just a dream, but many who have experienced such a dream have been possessed by the spirit of lust which eventually destroyed their life, their marriage,  and their destiny.  The Bible says that we are destroyed because we lack knowledge and ignorance is one of the ways in which the enemy keeps us in bondage.

The spirit of lust is the spirit that is now controlling the world. The Bible strictly warns us that this spirit is the downfall of many strong men.  This spirit uses every means to control people, including through dreams. Therefore what must we do to make sure that Satan does have control over us through our dreams?

The first thing to know is that if we close the door to the enemy,  there will be no way for the enemy to control our lives.  However,  the question is,  can a strong Christian see sensual dreams? Although many people don’t like to talk about their their dreams,  I believe that a true Christian can only be tempted but not deceived.

In other words, God may allow him to be tempted through dreams, but the person can refuse and win the battle in the dream.

However,  if he is a weak Christian, he may give in to the temptation through dream and the spirit of lust may control his life if he does not pray against it.

The other question to ask might be, can a person stop temptation from seeing sensual dreams? I do not think that a person can choose what to see and what not to see in a dream since he is in a state of sleep.  However, since we know from the word of God that dreams come as a result of much conflicting thaughts of the mind (Eccl. 5:3), we can say that the person can choose the realm and not the dream.  To elaborate further on this point,  we see this to be true in king Nabuchedeneizer’s dream when Daniel explains what was happening before he saw the dream,

This was your dream and the visions in your mind while on your bed. 29“As for you, O king, while on your bed your thoughts turned to what would take place in the future; and He who reveals mysteries has made known to you what will take place” Daniel 2:28-29.

When you look carefully at how the dream came about,  it was as a result of the king thinking about what would happen in the future. The thought that was in his mind gave an opening for the vision God showed him.  In fact,  Daniel states that the vision was also given to him in his mind.  This shows that dreams come to,  not from, our minds.  Our minds are the means to communicate with God or the devil. We are as we think in our minds. That’s the  reason why Apostle Paul tells us to be renewed in the mind. In Galatians 5 Apostle Paul tells us that if we walk in the spirit,  we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh.  We are in the spirit when our minds think about the things of the Spirit, namely the Word of God. When I say “think”, I don’t mean superficial brain knowledge, but as Paul puts it in Romans 8 it means,  “setting your mind in the things of the Spirit”.

Thinking and setting your mind are two different things.  You could be thinking about something and setting your mind on something else.  In order to set your mind on the word of God, you need to actually get rid of what’s set in your mind by surrendering it to God.  It may sometime require intense and fervant prayer to destroy the stronghold in your mind.  But unless that idol,  or that stronghold,  in your mind is broken,  no matter how many godly taughts you have, you will continue to experience bad dreams.  Therefore,  the mind is then the door, or the gateway, to all spiritual things in your life.  A person whose mind is controlled by God’s word cannot walk in the flesh! That means that the enemy will not have control over his life,  and cannot access his dream life since his mind is occupied by God’s word.

I can tell you by experience that every time I pray with conflicting taughts in my mind, sometimes I feel extremely tired and I pray with a divided heart. When you make a hasty prayer, the enemy will deceive you by making you think that you have won the battle, whereas your mind is not fully surrendered to the Lord yet. This us what happened to me and afterwards, when I go to sleep I see bad dreams and I question God how I just prayed before going to bed still be attacked by the enemy in my dreams? But when I discovered the truth, it was because the enemy still had control over my mind and I was not aware of it because I was distracted by my feeling that I was not focused on my prayer at all.  But everytime I read the scripture and meditate upon it,  my mind is renewed and my dream life is controlled by God.

Therefore,  my advice to you is that if you want to have a wonderful dream from God, don’t go to bed without prayer,  meditation in God’s Word, and praise and worship.  This will make sure that your mind is set on the things of God and you will have a vision from God,  not a nightmare from the devil.


I am a Christian who believes in the authority of the Scripture and in the power of the Holy Spirit, who lives in and with us to reveal the word, teach us the truth, and help us walk in the truth various ways including the gifts of the Spirit, for the purpose of equipping the saints to become mature in Christ and to come to the fullness of God.

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