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The Power of the Word

Every time you pay attention to God’s Word, you are paying attention to God. Dwelling in the Word is dwelling in God. Every time you need wisdom, power, ability, strength, hope, comfort, forgiveness, protection God’s word is there for you.

The enemy does not want you to pay attention to God’s Word because he knows that He is defeated by the Word of God. We cannot defeat Satan by our own wisdom, we cannot defeat him with natural strength or weapon. The enemy does not fear any human beings, He only fears those who are filled with God’s Word. The reason why there is a lot of attack in your mind is because Satan knows that the only way to stop you is to change your focus from the word of God to other things. That’s the only time he can take advantage over us.

A mind that is controlled by God’s Word is a mind that is victorious. We become victorious when we pay attention to God’s Word. We are victorious when we do not let our emotions dictate how we think or feel. We are victorious when we yield to God’s Word and resist the soles of the enemy by that same Word given to us.

The Word given to us is spirit and life. This means the Word has the capability to revive our soul. It has the ability to strengthen us. Without the Word living in us, we cannot be able to love God and others. The Word is the means by which we are sanctified. The Word is the greatest gift God has given us so that we can be saved, delivered, and set free from sin.