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Why There is No Revival in America

One of the reasons why there seems to be no revival in America is because there is so much competition among Christians. It is not that there are no anointed people, it’s just that we have hard time accepting the gift God has given them and spend most of our time either criticizing them, ignoring them, or trying our best to minimize what God has given them so that others may not become a beneficiary of the gift of God.

When everyone is running for their own success, there is no way we can appreciate the gift God has given to others. God has given each Christian a unique gift to help build up the body of Christ. If we see the gift of God in their lives, it’s our responsibility to help them grow in the gift God has given them. What we have to understand is that we can never have the gift that God has given others. Everyone is better at something they do. That’s the reason why we need to accept the fact that others are better than us, because we cannot do what God has assigned others to do.

If every Christian would be humble to think of others better than themselves and become hungry to receive from others then revival would come! Rather than look for anointed people from another continent, if we would respect the gift that God had given to our neighbor we would see revival! The reason why we look for anointed servant of God from another continent is because we don’t want to appreciate the people God has given us. People are prone to look down on people they are familiar with. Even the people whom we look up to outside our circle, once they join our circle, our respect and honor begins to dwindle because we now have access to them.

God has no program of anointing people of certain continents. He works according to His Word and He has given everyone gifts to build up the body of Christ wherever continent they may be. The problem is that there are many who have not stirred up the gift of God in their lives because everyone is looking for their own interest. If we can encourage one another and respect the gift that God has given to each individual, then the gift of God would be stirred up in everyone.

Therefore, the key to see revival is to see beyond ourselves. If we can be humble enough to see God in someone else’s life, not just want others to see God in us, everyone’s gift would be stirred up. There can never be supply if there is no demand. And demand requires that we be in need, and that requires humility. That requires knowing that we need each other to grow in God. Whenever there is a demand, a hunger for a greater depth in God, God will send the supply. He will raise up men and women of God to meet that demand. We don’t always find God in prayer only. We find God in one another’s gift! That’s the reason why love is the best way of exercising the gifts of the Spirit.

“You must not do only the things that you want. You should not do anything only for the reason that it makes you seem more important than other people. Instead, always think about what other people need. Do not think that you are better than other people. But think about other people as better than you. Do not think only about the things that are important to you yourself. But each of you should think also about the things that are important to other people. You should think in the same way as Christ Jesus thought:”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭2:3-5‬ ‭EASY‬‬


I am a Christian who believes in the authority of the Scripture and in the power of the Holy Spirit, who lives in and with us to reveal the word, teach us the truth, and help us walk in the truth various ways including the gifts of the Spirit, for the purpose of equipping the saints to become mature in Christ and to come to the fullness of God.

One thought on “Why There is No Revival in America

  1. Brother Nathan,
    I tend to agree this is one of the contributing factors in why there is no revival. The key elements I see are lack of pray and unity. True intercession brings about repentance and heals divisions. The key reason there was a constant flow and move of God in the New Testament Church was because the believers were in one accord and continued in sound doctrine…
    “When the day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.” Acts 2:1
    “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.” Acts 2:42
    However, today we are also battling disunity due to not only what you cite, but a massive amount of heretical teaching and massive groups claiming to be evangelicals, yet in reality they teach a different Jesus. This is further exacerbated by the prayerlessness in our churches. Where people are doctrinally correct and know all about the Godhead, they lack one thing, they do not know God. They do not spend time on their face before our heavenly Father and instead treat their prayer times as though they are dealing with a cosmic Santa or a slot machine, which is always programmed to payout on demand.
    Still there is hope. Any great move of God is usually preceded by anywhere from a half a century to a century of prayer. In the intercessory circles I frequent I have found there have been dedicated Brother and Sisters not only in the US but around the world who have been praying for an awakening since 1971. I personally joined the fray in 1973. As a tentmaker in PRC for almost two decades I have been praying for and believe God will allow me to see at least in its infancy a Great Global Awakening. Revivals change lives, churches and communities; awakenings change nations, governments and cultures.

    Keep up the good fight my brother, our redemption draws nigh!
    Brother Skip


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